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Flying with CBD Oil: A Guide

When it comes to travelling with CBD, there are some things you should know to avoid getting into trouble when you reach your intended destination. It’s important to remember that not every country has the same laxed view on CBD oil as in the UK, rules around the world differ and are constantly changing. Therefore […]

What is CBD Gum and How Does it Work?

Over the years, CBD has grown in popularity and become increasingly easier to get hold of due to the various health benefits of medical marijuana. The most popular way of ingesting CBD is through dropping CBD oil into the mouth orally, however now there are a range of different methods available that have taken the […]

The History of CBD

Many people believe that CBD is a rather new and innovative supplement but, in actual fact, the roots of cannabidiol (CBD) extend back thousands of years. According to the history of CBD, the first documented use of cannabis and its healing properties are dated back to as early as 2737 BC, where the use of […]

CBD Oil for Pain: Cancer, Arthritis, Dental problems and More.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has risen in popularity, becoming legal throughout the UK and offering a number of health benefits. In particular, the drug holds pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, by altering our endocannabinoid receptor activity (a specialised system responsible for regulating pain). This reduces discomfort caused by several health problems, including thrush, tooth ache, cancer and […]

Is Chewing Gum Bad for the Environment?

Whether you’re using it to freshen your breath, keep your teeth clean during the day, or just to reduce stress, chewing gum is one of the most versatile snacks and one that is used by 168 million people in the US alone. With so many people chewing gum, and with it being the largest foodstuff […]

Can CBD Oil Make Me Gain Weight?

Despite the evidence listed above, there is evidence that for some, the opposite may be true. A side effect of consuming CBD is a change in appetite- this could be a loss, but also an increase, in feelings of hunger.