Flying with CBD Oil: A Guide

Flying With CBD Oil: A Guide

When it comes to travelling with CBD, there are some things you should know to avoid getting into trouble when you reach your intended destination. It’s important to remember that not every country has the same laxed view on CBD oil as in the UK, rules around the world differ and are constantly changing. Therefore you should take extra care when flying with CBD oil around Europe to ensure you don’t land yourself in big trouble upon arrival at your destination.

Please note that certain countries have their own rules and restrictions and you should not rely on this article for travel information.

Can you travel in the UK with CBD?

As with other countries in Europe, flying with CBD is legal as long as the product you are bringing into the country abides by UK law. This means that the CBD oil must not contain THC – the psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis that creates the “high” effect. It is a common misconception that it is 0.2%, which many people fall foul of.

This may also depend on the type of CBD you have as well, as all CBD products brought into the UK must be designed and processed for human consumption. For example, CBD oil is legal whereas CBD buds or flowers are not.

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Can you take CBD oil in your hand luggage?

Flying with CBD oil in the UK is perfectly acceptable and, for the most part, can be carried in both your hand luggage and hold luggage. However, it’s important to bear in mind that your flight provider may have their own specific rules and regulations about whether flying with CBD is allowed on-board their airline. Therefore, if you would like to take CBD aboard with you, it is wise to get in touch with the airline you are flying with, as well as customs, to check that flying with CBD oil is acceptable.

If you are taking CBD into your hand luggage, always remember that your CBD oil must not exceed the 100ml limit – just the same as any other liquid product you bring onto a flight. If your CBD oil bottle exceeds this amount, it is important to place it inside your hold luggage instead, otherwise you may face your CBD being confiscated by the airport’s security team.

Flying with CBD oil in Europe – where is it acceptable?

Even though CBD is readily available in your local CBD store, it doesn’t mean that it is also legal in other countries too. More often than not, it is usually at your final destination where you may run into trouble. In some countries around the world, the use of cannabis-derived products (including CBD oil) is illegal or severely frowned upon. In fact, some police forces (even in the EU) are much stricter than the UK and may not be as forgiving if you have made an honest mistake. As a result, before travelling anywhere with a CBD product you must check the law in that country for travelling with a CBD product before stepping foot on a plane.

The law in European countries:

– France

The legislation regarding CBD oil is the same as the UK, whereby CBD oil from hemp is legal and 0.2% THC.

– Spain

By law, any cannabis product cannot be bought or sold in Spain as a consumable product, which includes CBD. However, CBD oil taken into Spain from another country is legal for personal use as long as long as it adheres to EU regulations.

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– Belgium and the Netherlands

In both Belgium and the Netherlands, being in possession of cannabis containing THC is legal. Unlike the UK whereby you THC must not be present in any CBD product, the highest amount of THC allowed is 3g in Belgium and 5g in the Netherlands. Therefore, there will be no issue taking CBD to either country from the UK, but bringing it back may be a problem.

– Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Malta and Portugal

In these six EU countries, CBD products must be prescribed by a medical professional. As a result, any product taken from the UK is not allowed through customs without a valid prescription from your doctor.


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– Slovakia

In Slovakia, CBD is illegal and listed as a “group 2 psychoactive narcotic”. As a result, under all circumstances you should avoid taking CBD into the country when flying here to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities.

– Italy

In Italy, CBD is legal and THC is allowed up to 0.6%, which means it is safe to fly with CBD oil from the UK. Although, due to the higher THC content, it is not advisable to bring CBD back from Italy to the UK, otherwise it may be confiscated upon arrival.

– Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Sweden, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Switzerland and Poland

If you wish to fly with CBD oil from the UK to any of these 15 European countries, you’ll be pleased to know that is perfectly legal and you should encounter no problems.



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