What is CBD Gum and How Does it Work?

What Is CBD Gum And How Does It Work?

Over the years, CBD has grown in popularity and become increasingly easier to get hold of due to the various health benefits of medical marijuana. The most popular way of ingesting CBD is through dropping CBD oil into the mouth orally, however now there are a range of different methods available that have taken the CBD world by storm, including CBD chewing gum which offers a convenient and discreet way of taking oil. But what is CBD gum and how does it work?

What does CBD gum do?

CBD chewing gum works just like a normal chewing gum, but the key difference is you will be getting immediate CBD benefits. This is due to how your body absorbs the CBD gum into your body, as particles of the CBD gum break off into your saliva and get absorbed easily into your body, offering effective and fast-acting bioavailability.

As you chew CBD gum, cannabinoids are released into your mouth, bypassing your digestive tract to maintain its inherent bioavailability and ensures that the CBD gets absorbed by your body five-times faster than other forms of oral ingestion. It is advised to chew CBD gum after a meal, in order for the CBD to oxidise before hitting your stomach acid, releasing its benefits over prolonged and sustained release of the ingredient into your bloodstream.

What is CBD Gum? - Chewing gum pellets

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Benefits of CBD chewing gum

The benefits of CBD gum mirror the benefits of other CBD products, whilst offering a simple snack that you can chew discreetly whilst out-and-about.

CBD gum can help to:

  • Support joint and muscle function
  • Reduce pain/inflammation
  • Support post-workout recovery
  • Maintain a relaxed mood
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Promote tranquility
  • Support a good night’s sleep

Furthermore, the act of chewing also complements the benefits of CBD, as studies have found that chewing gum helps to increase alertness.

How to use CBD gum

To reap the full benefits of CBD gum, you must chew the gum for a period of 20 to 40-minutes, to allow the CBD to be absorbed into your body. There are two main ways of doing this with CBD gum:

  1. One way of absorbing CBD into your body is by releasing the cannabinoids through the sublingual pathway (under the tongue). This helps the CBD gum to pass through the membranes in your mouth in as little as 4 minutes. This method is most effective as it can enable between 12% to 25% of cannabinoids to reach your bloodstream.
  2. Another way is orally. As you chew, particles from the CBD gum enter your saliva, which then can be swallowed into the gut. This method allows CBD to be absorbed through the gut in around two hours’ time (depending on the individual). Typically, 4% of the cannabinoids will reach your bloodstream using this method – the same bioavailability as edibles or other forms of oral administration.

Therefore, it is clear that the user will reap more benefits through the sublingual pathway, as opposed to orally. Thus, to experience the full benefits of CBD and increase the bioavailability, try not to swallow your saliva for as long as possible and keep your saliva under your tongue as much as possible.

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