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CBD Oil For Pain: Cancer, Arthritis, Dental Problems And More

Cannabidiol (CBD) has risen in popularity, becoming legal throughout the UK and offering a number of health benefits. In particular, the drug holds pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, by altering our endocannabinoid receptor activity (a specialised system responsible for regulating pain). This reduces discomfort caused by several health problems, including thrush, tooth ache, cancer and arthritis.

Uses of CBD oil for pain relief:

1. CBD oil for toothache

Taking CBD orally (for instance, using CBD gum) has been proven to act as a powerful pain killer, reducing any discomfort caused by tooth ache. CBD can also help reduce the problem, with its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is a useful solution to manage tooth ache before seeking medical treatment.

women suffering from toothache

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2. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder

TMJ is a disorder that effects the lower jaw connection to the brain, resulting in pain and discomfort. The disorder often causes the jaw to pop and click out of place, making it difficult to chew or lock your jaw.

One study has revealed that cannabidiol can reduce all TMJ symptoms due to its inflammatory and pain relief components. Furthermore, it is proven that oral CBD can reduce stress and anxiety, which is often a cause of TMJ habits.

3. Thrush

Thrush is a fungal infection that can cause white patches to appear around your mouth, resulting in pain and soreness. A fungal infection can lead to burning mouth syndrome if your condition persists.

CBD has been proven to reduce anxiety and improve our immune systems, which can prevent people contracting thrush and/or speed up the recovery. Furthermore, CBD can actively fight the infection (through its anti-fungal properties), whilst providing pain relief to sufferers.

4. CBD oil for arthritis and multiple sclerosis

Arthritis and multiple sclerosis are medical conditions that can result in pain, especially when walking. However recent research has suggested that administering CBD and THC to suffering patients can effectively treat the chronic pain. For example, one study found that administering a THC and CBD drug (called Sativex) improved patients suffering with multiple sclerosis pain, walking, and muscle spasms. Similarly, patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis had reduced pain at rest and sleep when using Sativex.

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5. CBD for cancer treatment relief

Evidence has shown that using CBD oil for pain relief is a common solution used by cancer patients. For example, the National Cancer Institute stated that the use of CBD during chemotherapy has appeared to reduce common side effects such as pain. Additional studies have found that the combination of CBD and THC alongside opioids can effectively provide more pain relief, than simply using opioids alone. Despite the research more evidence is needed.

CBD oil and cancer

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Research has found that using CBD oil for pain relief can be effective when treating diseases like multiple sclerosis, arthritis, cancer and dental problems. However, more research is needed, and CBD cannot fix any underlying health issues.

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